Access to files on USB key in iOS?

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Access to files on USB key in iOS?

Postby lensenater on 26 Dec 2019, 17:23

I have iOS devices and a Camera Connector Kit. The CCK allows me to plug in a USB key, and the Files app allows me to see/access/play .mp3 files stored on the key.

However I cannot seem to access these files from within Cross - the USB key does not appear as source in the UI

In the "Files" app, the USB Key "iPad" is accessible

But from within the Cross App, the USB Key is not available?

Any suggestions on how to access additional music files from an external device on iOS?

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Re: Access to files on USB key in iOS?

Postby cdrc on 16 Sep 2020, 12:15

Same question in 2020... Anyone???
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