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Writing a better structured, cleaner and more efficient code

PostPosted: 19 Oct 2019, 14:53
by Leoyarms
Hello guys! I'm learning iOS development (self taught) and I'm feeling like my code is not well structured, kinda messy etc.

I'm currently working on kinda big application (for me), using Firestore, and getting into problems that their solutions that I came up with seems kinda messy. As I'm self taught, I don't have someone to guide me, I try to iPhone trade in learn on the internet from people like Sean Allen, Paul Hudson and Brian (from Let's build that app) - sorry if I spelled the names wrong. Anyhow, I'm looking for a way to learn to write a cleaner and more well structured code so it will be easier to refactor and add things to it.

I'm doing my UI programmatically, so I have Views separated from the ViewController etc. I would gladly upload some of the files I think are messy and could be written better to pastebin (Github is kind of a problem because of some personal info I got in the files like in the project files which has my name etc..)

What advice do you guys can give me to learn ?