iOS Beta discussions are now allowed on the sub. Please read

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iOS Beta discussions are now allowed on the sub. Please read

Postby PetterJhon on 03 Aug 2019, 14:13

Hello everyone,,
Following community feedback that removing iOS beta discussions are a detriment to the community, we have decided to remove that rule and allow iOS beta discussions to be discussed on this sub.

I want to apologize to this community personally, and state that I was against this policy of banning iOS beta discussions personally along with another mod, but the majority of the mod team of which will remain nameless wanted to change it, so it went ahead. We should have asked for community mobdro lucky patcher kodi feedback before implementing the rule, and I have learnt a valuable lesson about this incident. Please do not shoot the messenger for making the announcement, and I want to assure all the users that any changes of policy to the sub in general in the future shall be discussed with the community first before being implemented.

Please forgive the mod team, and let us all move on to make this community a better place. As such, the rules of the subreddit has been clarified and are available on the sidebar.
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