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Postby metalmick on 29 Jun 2019, 13:45

I used to use edjing on my iPad but it started playing up so I purchased Cross DJ. I just want it to play an iTunes playlist randomly mixing the tracks automatically (I dont need beat matching, just crossfading) so I can just leave it. On the edjing app you SIMPLY turned on the app, selected the playlist for each turntable and then pressed AUTOMIX.... simples.... it worked beautifully. Enter Cross DJ, I payed the extra money to get the ability to automix, turned on the app... no automix on main turntable page. Press settings... ok, there it is. Press automix... another page showing iTunes... press the playlist I want, select a song... it appears at L/H turntable, do the same for R/H turntable.... press auto mix... nothing... press random.... nothing. Strewth.... now I'm starting to get annoyed. I search the MIXVIBES website... no tutorials, I search You Tube.... nothing on this version and automix. REALLY???? I just payed about £6 and there's NO tutuorials and NO manual... REALLY? Can someone pleeeeeeeeeese tell me how I can SIMPLY play a playlist with auto crossfade. Thank you.
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