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Postby Calcam on 19 May 2015, 15:12

I have been using Cross DJ on an iPad for for some time now. Basically it works very well for my purposes. In my application of this app I teach dancing. This means I need to pause the music without resetting the cue point.

The present procedure is to touch the go button and touch it again to resume playing. It would help if the icon changed to show that it is paused and not stopped. This is the normal way it is done in most apps.

It would also help greatly to have a way to return to the start of a file other than for touching the cue button while the music is playing. The problem I have is that the default start point set by the app is often inaccurate. If you could provide button to return to the the beginning of the file, it would be much appreciated.

As it is now, I have to load a play list and then go through every piece of music and usually reset many cue points manually because the cue point set by Cross DJ is in the wrong place.

I vollunterred some time ago to act as a beta tester. The offer is still open..
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