iPad Mini 16gb and Cross DJ HD problems

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iPad Mini 16gb and Cross DJ HD problems

Postby PSkilton on 05 Dec 2014, 03:10

Hello Mixvibes,

I purchased Cross DJ HD for my iPad Mini 16Gb this past summer, I saw that it had a few things that I preferred over Djay 2/Djay 1 which I had used on my iPod Touch for years.
However, I am experiencing poor app performance. There seems to always be audio glitches, during playback and when using the samples. When iOS 8 came out in Sept. I had to completely reinstall the app to get the Sampler to even work, as it would not make any sound when pressed.
Is the poor performance due to not full compatibility with iOS 8? What can be done to fix this?

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Re: iPad Mini 16gb and Cross DJ HD problems

Postby Luziano on 05 Dec 2014, 10:27


Poor performances are due to the iPad mini (and the app itself which need a certain amount of ressources). Some users are experiencing audio drops on iPad 2 / iPad mini when playing a song and loading another in the other deck.

An update will be available soon and may improve this.

We recommend iPad 3+ to run the app in best conditions.
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