Help..Cue and Main mix is Reversed with my setup ..

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Help..Cue and Main mix is Reversed with my setup ..

Postby Roman Czarnomski on 25 Jun 2014, 06:02

When I use Cross DJ in "split mode" using a splitter cable.. My headphones get the main mix and my speakers get the monitor cue mix.. How do I reverse that? even when I switch the jacks does the same thing. I am using a 3 way split cable that works but it's not the mixvibes one cause I can't find where to buy it in Canada? But not sure if that's the problem.? any way to do this in the software? how does it know which channel is the cue and which is the main? Or is it really all about the cable. and if so... Where do i get one in Canada? thx.
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Roman Czarnomski
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Re: Help..Cue and Main mix is Reversed with my setup ..

Postby RoJeC on 25 Jun 2014, 14:20

You need a 'DJ-splitter' cable. Normal splitter cable splits Left/Right/N all to the 2 output plugs.
A DJ splitter splits Left to Left plug and Right to Right plug (N to all). In the output plug the Left is split to the output-right to make the signal stereo again (for real it is copied mono). Same for the other plug.

Brand does not matter. There is no Mixvibes special trick in the cable.

If you have a DJ-cable : there is a setting available to invert the Left/Right.
Be aware that you can send your main volume into the Cue channel using the mix knobfader.


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Re: Help..Cue and Main mix is Reversed with my setup ..

Postby Luziano on 25 Jun 2014, 15:36


In version 1.8.1 there will be an option to invert Master and CUE when in split mode.
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