latency issue with MIDI controller/Cross DJ for iPad

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latency issue with MIDI controller/Cross DJ for iPad

Postby Greeny_33 on 11 Mar 2014, 20:09

Ok so I've had Cross DJ running fine with my mixtrack pro 2 for the first couple of days but now I'm getting audio drops.
If I'm cueing a song in the headphones and using the jog wheel to pitch bend the audio from the speakers crackles, same happens if I use any fx and I've even had the app crash after making some weird noises.

It almost feels like my iPad can't handle the app with my controller connected.

I've turned the WiFi off of the iPad and closed any other running apps.This wasn't happening at all to begin with and doesn't happen if I use Cross DJ just solely on the iPad. Any ideas guys why this has started happening now?
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