Why can't in-app recording be in wav????

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Why can't in-app recording be in wav????

Postby wagoneer on 14 Nov 2013, 22:28

Some low bitrate obscure m4a format is completely unacceptable. Look at some of your competition. Well, they all mess something up and often with in-app recording be it downmixing to mono and recording that mono signal (for some stupid reason) or using a format other than wav... DJ Player records a stereo wav file in-app. It's super convenient even though the rest of that app's interface is a kluge. What is so hard about this??
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Re: Why can't in-app recording be in wav????

Postby sylMV on 15 Nov 2013, 11:22


The main reason why it's not recording in WAV (or AIFF) format, is the file size (uncompressed format)...

Moreover, most of the users won't really see the difference between the current m4a recording and a potential wav recording, especially if played thru crap Apple headphones on a crap iPhone ;)

It might be added anyway in the future, but a better solution would probably either to increase the m4a quality (user defined or not) or to add the possibility to record in some lossless compressed formats (either ALAC, if possible, or FLAC).


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