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Transfering Cue Points from Mixvibes to iPad crossdj app

PostPosted: 15 Jul 2013, 10:57
by Marky-t
Hi there, I have cue points and loops saved that I have done in the past, I have now purchased Cross DJ iPad App and when I have imported the music the cue points and loops I have already done, are no longer there, does this not work?

Also how do I get my Cross DJ iPad app to work with an external mixer, do I need to buy an external sound card?

please help

Re: Transfering Cue Points from MixVibes to iPad Cross DJ app

PostPosted: 17 Jul 2013, 09:35
by Luziano
You cannot transfer your metadata from Cross / CrossDJ - Mac / PC to our iPhone / iPad apps. It's something we think about.

For the external mixer, go in settings ('Tools' tab), 'Audio Output Configuration' and choose 'Mixer'. You have to plug your mixer using a camera connection kit (your mixer has to be USB compliant).