Product enhancements in Cross DJ for iPad

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Product enhancements in Cross DJ for iPad

Postby kalo on 13 Aug 2012, 19:40


just recognized this great CrossDJ APP - It's awesome, MixVibes did a nearly perfect job, thanks guys !.

Now there are 2 professional DJ Apps in the store. RedBullBPM (RB) and CrossDJ. I would love to use CrossDJ instead: as you have all on one screen, Waveforms, Cue/Play, Effects/FX - perfectly designed! … but there are still some reasons, why I have to stay on RB:

Here’s my wish list:

(1) a minor issue: The 6 hot cues work in cue/stop mode, instead of cue/play. That’s irritating. Most professional controller use the hot cues also to start play mode.

(2) RedBull has 6 different Output Modes, CrossDJ only 2. E.g. the 'Ballroom' mode in RB: using stereo on the headphone, switch to mono only if prelisten (PFL). Sounds much better, perfect at home. Or the full stereo modes in RB in clubs (using a second iPhone/iPad) … also missing.

(3) the pitch bend buttons are really to small and to close together, any ideas to improve ?

(4) more options in 'Settings', e.g. increasing/decreasing amount for pitch bend.

(5) and of course: the missing key lock functionality.

Is anything above planned for the next version ??

I'm looking forward to 2nd version
Folks, it’s August already (3 month after release 1 in May ;)

Thanks !
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