First Gig...Best Gig?

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First Gig...Best Gig?

Postby KevMaverick on 27 May 2012, 02:54

Hi guys, I'm here with another totally random topic! :D

I love being a DJ, and love to hear about other DJ's experiences.

So tell me about your first ever gig, and also the best ever gig that you've done...

Here's mine:

My first gig was terrifying! It was for a child's 14th birthday and all the parents left the room to go to a local pub, leaving me with about 60 teenagers! Luckily, it went well, but I used up my whole store of adrenaline that night!

My best gig was when I used to work in a night club as the warmup DJ, and the main DJ didn't turn up. The manager asked me to do the main set and I was really nervous! But it was an incredible night and everything went so brilliantly! The audience loved the fact that a new DJ was playing a completely fresh new set, and I ended up taking over the main part of the night as the other DJ got fired for letting the club down! This was at the time when house music was taking hold and I used to spend a fortune on imports and the people just couldn't get enough of these great new tunes. :D

I have great memories of those days, as they have made me what I am today. So now I'm a mobile party and karaoke DJ, but I can say that I was there when house music really took off, and while I'm probably too old and out-of-touch to be a club DJ, I did it - fulfilled a dream, and I'm still out there, doing gigs and having a great time!
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