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3 Skins, Many more skins needed

PostPosted: 13 Nov 2019, 01:31
by soundboyrich
With only 3 skins to choose, almost everyone sticks with the default. Even so the default is not very customizable, meaning I can't drag or move where my control decks go, or move the sampler left or right to a new location. It lacks personality, and the colors are weirdly over done. At least with MixVibes you had a color scheme to choose from and windows could be located wherever you position them. The Cross waveform colors, I don't care for. In fact I don't want the waveform taking up all the screen view. Accidental clicks with the mouse, left or right click is determine when using a control deck.

There should be lots more to pick from as far as skins. I counted 20 skins in the old MixVibes folder to choose from....