Cross DJ4 vs Cross 3.4.3

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Cross DJ4 vs Cross 3.4.3

Postby Frans on 20 Mar 2019, 13:06

There's coming a new version of Cross DJ4.

I use Cross 3.4.3 (not DJ version).

Is there also coming a new version of Cross?
Is the new name for Cross version x.x.x Cross DJ4 Pro?
What will be the difference betweem Cross DJ4 an Croiss DJ Pro?

Reg. Frans
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Re: Cross DJ4 vs Cross 3.4.3

Postby Team@Mixvibes on 21 Mar 2019, 00:53

Hi Frans,

Cross DJ Pro 4 will be the successor to Cross 3.4.3 in that it will have DVS and HID control but Cross DJ 4 will not. Along with that we are making a few other changes, like making video exclusive to the Pro version. I will be making an announcement on the forums to help clarify all the differences and price variations soon.

Adam @Mixvibes
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