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How to collection banks ?

PostPosted: 22 Nov 2018, 09:42
by theodore
is it possible to make on each drive file or folder (like VDJ .XML or Serato folder) to make collection of files, for faster startup?
now is like this..

i have videos on external disk. and from time to time drive letter changes. now i have to change drive letter to this, witch was it, when collection was analyzed... it's should be automatic... and it will make faster startup for Cross...

Re: How to collection banks ?

PostPosted: 22 Nov 2018, 11:23
by RoJeC
In win you can set a drive to a folder of any drive.

I e.g. always use K for music and L for video.
This makes me independent of a system so I can use local hdd as source and/or an external hdd using the same collection file.

# setup audio and video
subst k: D:\music
subst l: D:\videos

You can run this from the Run box (per line) or make a batch file.
If you put/link this batchfile to the startup folder of Windows it will be run upon startup.

it's a classic DOS method that does not take any performance as it is applied in the process cycle before a disk is even accessed by the OS.
The subst is short for substitute.

Don't forget to point to your right analysis folder in case you change systems...