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Keyboard map list

Postby ianef on 16 Jul 2018, 12:24

Hi again, Yet Another Remix Suggestion (YARS)!

Can you provide a list of keyboard mappings by key. It would be very handy to have a list of keyboard shortcuts to features, currently you have to wade through each feature to find the shortcut keys. Maybe make the mappings box a tab container with Mappings and Keys tabs, just list the keys and there effective mappings there, no need to edit them there that's OK in the current mappings list.

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Re: Keyboard map list

Postby Team@Mixvibes on 30 Jul 2018, 05:10

Hi again Ian,

I wasn't able to find any documentation for the keyboard mapping so I decided to make one myself.

I have attached the guide I have made but will have to check the windows version as well to make sure there are no major differences.

Adam @Mixvibes

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