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Circle of 5ths!

Postby dholm on 14 Sep 2017, 18:19


Musicians know about the Circle of 5ths. It tells you which key changes are the most similar and easiest for the listener to 'accept'. I know the Key feature of Cross DJ highlights compatible keys in orange. But instead imagine it as a continuum starting at C on the Circle of 5ths going clock-wise, and goes all the way around back to C, and so the Key after C on the Circle of 5ths would be indicated how a rainbow fades from one color to the next and back again. If C is orange, the next compatible key is red, the one after is rose, then purple, then blue, then green, then yellow. until back to orange again. So you sort the column titled "Key" and it would by default start with C, and your list of tracks would vary in color as described above. When sorted by Key it would resemble how rainbow's colors fade. What do you think? The more similar the two colors are the more compatible they are.
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Re: Circle of 5ths!

Postby RoJeC on 14 Sep 2017, 19:07

If you dig into the options of the wheel of Camelot you'll find more options than just one step min/maj or left/right (like +/-1 and 3 steps l/r).
In that case adding colors won't make it easier. Also using mulitple colors in the screen won't make it easier to read all the text.

So the current simple suggestions to my personal believe fit well enough.
After all you should always be aware that all algorithmes still perform less compared to the human eear... so knowing your music is more important than the mentioned key in the program (by the way not just for Cross, but all key using programs).


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