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Auto-loop timing from other player

PostPosted: 11 Sep 2017, 05:23
by bigibang

I'm currently getting back to my decks and loving it. Cross improved a lot since I left it years ago.

I'm currently studying other forms of mix, some of them involves looping song with really different bpm, and passing from track with fixed tempo (recorded with click), and track played live.

In such cases, it would be fantastic to be able to autoloop player A with timing of player B.

Let's say player B is a metronome based track, player A isn't. Such feature would allow to sync the two track with ear, then loop player A with the 4 beat timing of player B. Then the 2 decks are synced, and stay synced while keeping the loop. It's also possible to A/B loop player A but require much more work to keep them exactly synced on a long period.

It would be really really really really simple to implement as a MIDI / keyboard function, without charging the interface with something only few people would use. But it would really really really really simplify weird and interesting mix combination.

Also, a bit more complicated but not that much, still in that idea of smoothing weird combination, it would be awesome to be able to access a simplified mastering bus (param eq, comp & limiter), whose preset would be stored within the selection for each track, allowing to insert some old 80's salsa in a more electronic sounding set. Vst support, allowing the use of fabfilters plug would be heaven.

I'm currently building a max msp version to try using these ideas and see how much I would benefit from it, but I'm struggling with exploiting the .xml recordbox library to be able to jump between the 2 softs smoothly..

Please devs, I still love you guys.

Re: Auto-loop timing from other player

PostPosted: 11 Sep 2017, 22:53
by RoJeC
Not exactly sure what you try to achieve, but you may want to try this using the sample pads of the C and D deck.
Set a loop. click a pad to load loop to the pad.

Maybe try yourself to see if this is helpful for working towards your creativity..

Re: Auto-loop timing from other player

PostPosted: 12 Sep 2017, 08:00
by bigibang
Mixvibes explanation.jpg

Tell me if it's still not clear

Re: Auto-loop timing from other player

PostPosted: 13 Sep 2017, 02:37
by HawnSolo
If I understand everything correctly, the best solution I can think would be to use the manual looping in Cross to create the loop for the variable BPM track, and then do what RoJeC said to. You could then load up a series of loops or samples and save that as a sample bank.