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Re: Start Listening to Suggestions on the Forums

PostPosted: 10 Nov 2017, 21:49
by daniel clark
:eek: understand you feeling/issues ,,,no i cant personnely do any thing..too get mixvibes ,, bought mixvibes back in 2004 ,,home 6 ,,what a piece of software ,,easiest to say no prefade listing built in to software not sure what the thought process was on that one ,, got involved in the fourm when saw that a update was coming out ,,hooray for me is good ,, the update was a little bit more than a change of skins ,,but the didnt correct not having prefade listing ,, went the whole gammit ,, stay on the fourm just too help out the community and especialky new users ,, jump on Cross when it first came out and have been trying to be a voice of change and reasonable thinking ,, that was then ,,this is now ,, but what hasent changed is the communication gap ,, there not talking ,, and whats worse there not even hearing when the tree falls ,,doese it make any noise :eek: