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Start Listening to Suggestions on the Forums

Postby Hanginon on 08 Jul 2017, 22:00

DJWorx had an article on Mixvibes Remixlive 3. In the comments section I gave Mixvibes what I think is a well deserved poke in the eye.
Scroll to the bottom to see Louis-Pierre Baudry's response - ... ive-3-ios/

It is long overdue that the good people at Mixvibes started to listen to, and also try to do, the suggestions on this forum, some of which are more than 5 years old.

A scroll line that's visible all the time
AutoPlay that works properly
Remembering Browser Location when switching back
Use some color in the Library
And others

We shall see...or are we all just waisting our time here? :mad:
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Re: Start Listening to Suggestions on the Forums

Postby daniel clark on 08 Jul 2017, 22:57

:eek: even it feels like we are ,,hopefully its not so ,,wasting our time,, been on the forum for a minute ,, have lost hope yet ,,
but in honesty ,,thing have been/could be better.can completely understand the active djays that enjoy Cross and mixvibes feeling bad at the state of things :cool:
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