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wav-chunks / .m4a without clicks/ disable autohide

PostPosted: 19 Feb 2017, 02:39
by boomschlaberlaber

I have the following suggestions:

- ability of Cross to read wav-chunks
How I understand this, other programms implemented these taglib handler ( Maybe it can be of use for the programmers. Since the .wav format is the most popular uncompressed professional format under windows it would be a huge improvement! Flac is not professional. Every programm works internally with pcm data.

- there are always soft clicks at the beginning of playing .m4a and .aac files. Doesn't matter the audiodevice, doesn't matter the filesource. It is reproducable. Would be great, if the clicks disapear.

- the controls in the waveform field in the player apear automatically when hoover the mouse (autohide). Better would be: an option for: always on/ always off/ autohide. Since someone hovers the mouse often in this field the controls goes often on and off without any benefit. This distracts from the work.

Thanx for reading

Re: wav-chunks / .m4a without clicks/ disable autohide

PostPosted: 28 Feb 2017, 12:21
by Team@Mixvibes
Hi there,

Thanks very much for your suggestions, they are very valid.
I have made a note of them and passed them to the development team and we may see those suggestions in a future update.


The Mixvibes Team