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Remix Live - musicality - by adding 'fades'

PostPosted: 30 Sep 2016, 20:08
by iwaiwa
You name it, I own it. But Remix Live for Desktops (so far) is a lot of fun and very easy to use.

I have a Windows 10 tablet with touch screen. What a joy to do everything 'by hand / fingers' (with Remix Live for Desktops) and no need for mouse.

I'm even considering putting my Ableton Drum Loops in Remix Live instead, because Remix Live can be triggered by touch screen and shows the name of the Clip.

I do have Remote Control of Ableton through iOS (Touchable app) but the CPU and RAM resources that Ableton use is enormous (as well as the software cost).

Remix Live is inexpensive and accomplished the same thing (for me) for triggering drum loops.

Here's my point:

All these "clip launching" programs (in my opinion) are missing something musically.

In the 'real world' music does not stop abruptly and go to immediate silence -- this is not pleasing to the listener's ear.

I appreciate MixVibes talented dev and design team but we now need to differentiate and take things to the next level:


(starting off simply)

We need to add "Fade" on Gate (playmode) audio (samples)

the fades can be in seconds or quantized to the Master BPM.

If there is a horn, sax, strings, vox -- in the real world: there is DECAY and that is what makes it musical.

We need to add the option of Decay Time to allow a Gate (cell) to continue (with fade) when the user releases the Remix Live button / slot.

It can be a quick fade (1 sec, 2 secs) with a rapid volume drop, but it has to be something (not immediate silence as it is now).

I tried FX of verb and delay. No - doesn't do it.

In the Dev department, please "mock up" the ability to allow a Fade option on Gate (playmode) samples. Then play those Gate samples (even in the same column) and watch how musically things really become. This allows a Sax note or Strings to play as long as the user needs (short, long, etc -- before the end of the sample, and not 'turn off into silence' abruptly). Also makes things less 'robotic'.

Night and day difference.

Later we can think about One Shot (fade options, for when user stops a One Shot before it finishes) or even Loop (quantize fade option, even removing low end EQ of the audio signal on the fades, HP/LP). A Loop "fade' can even keep playing the loop (over and over) as the Volume Fade Curve kicks in (and Cell finally stops playing when the Cell audio volume level is zero).

Possibly, Fades can be Column based versus Cell based.

I know the algo is a bit difficult to come up with because the current Algo probably kills a Cell Playback as soon as another Cell in a Column is launched. But, please try this in Testing to allow overlap of Cell audio with Fades in same Column.

I think "a light bulb with go off" and MixVibes will have something to promote that no one else has.

Hint: For this reason (fades), I have to use Ableton Drum Racks, because there is a Fade option (on Classic) that sounds wonderful, musical and allows multiple cells to fade while new cells are launched (as with real drums). Ableton Clips in a given Column (in Session View) don't have overlapping cell fades, so I need to always use Drum Rack cells to allow One Shots and Gates to play and naturally fade when I release the button.

Thanks for your time and consideration.

Let do it - opens a whole new world of musicality


Let me know if you need any info from me, such as the Ableton Drum Rack (cell) settings that clearly show the musicality of a Gate or One Shot or even a Loop when the user wants to 'stop' a clip and it goes into a natural fade (versus immediate silence).

[ Maybe a better name is: cell 'fade-outs'
to avoid confusing it with ADSR envelope sustain/decays ]


San Jose, CA

Re: Remix Live - musicality - by adding 'fades'

PostPosted: 03 Oct 2016, 16:13
by Team@Mixvibes
Hi Ira,

This is a wonderful feedback and we love the fact to have so much details! Thanks a lot for this. I'm forwarding it directly to the product development team who will probably enjoy this as much as I did.

Anyone else who have anything to say about it, please do!

Have a great week,

Re: Remix Live - musicality - by adding 'fades'

PostPosted: 04 Oct 2016, 20:20
by iwaiwa
thanks Team@ for reading my post and understanding what I was getting at. (very excited :) on the possibilities.

I know there's lots more important (other priorities) with Dev / Prod Mgmt / Marketing

so many music apps have great design, but never get a chance to really think things through from a musicality point of view

listen to most NI Maschine demos and you'll see what I mean. Usually cool and fun, but 'you've got to be kidding' in terms of anyone paying for music tracks made off of Maschine. (Yes, I know, it really depends on the artists skills and not the 'tools') - but find me: one listenable (non-typical) track made off Maschine.

Anyway, back to Fade-Outs (volume decay curves) on Gates / One Shots:

yes, please, when you'all have time - try a (test dev Remix Live) Mod on allowing a volume-curve fade-out (decay) on Gates and One Shots

Gates - volume fade curve begins when finger is off the momentary button

One Shots - volume fade curve begins when finger clicks on the button to toggle off.

Maybe, just maybe, this will set Remix Live ahead of the pack and something to create buzz about -- especially if it really sounds better than the current Gate and One Shots going into immediate silence (which has no natural 'real world' decay).

Lastly, when you get a chance: NI Maschine Jam controller. Of course this might work with ReMix Live as a controller, but I didn't look too deeply into this yet.

From a 'musicality' / 'instrument' / 'possibilities' point of view, check out how the Jam's faders (touch strips) can play notes in a chord (as the finger goes up the fader touch strip) and Jam allows you to selectively pick the notes in the Chord and there are 8 faders. So in theory, people-who-can't-play-a-keyboard can pick a Scale, then pick individual note(s) from a Scale and then make a melody that they can save (across the 8 faders, like notes on a keyboard or pad) -- all by experimentation. It's worth noting the 'musicality' that this innovation offers (not that MixVibes needs to implement anything like this, but technically it's worth checking out and acknowledging the possibilities).

Thanks again MixVibes !


San Jose, CA, USA

Re: Remix Live - musicality - by adding 'fades'

PostPosted: 05 Oct 2016, 15:00
by Team@Mixvibes
Thanks Ira for all this. The more you have for us, the better. I will again forward it to the team. If anyone else has some feedback for us, it would be great too :) Also, if you have tips to share about how to use Remixlive let us know here.