4 Decks n Decks

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4 Decks n Decks

Postby Sebastian Schwank on 05 Sep 2016, 11:18

Would it be possible to open n Decks dynamically for multiple track playing ? So it would be easier to "stack" the the tracks for DJ Live playing.

Easy said: I need "n" Decks. Dynamically openable and closeable.
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Sebastian Schwank
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Re: 4 Decks n Decks

Postby Activated Soundwave on 06 Sep 2016, 13:20

I am not sure what you mean ,Do You just wish to switch playing decks too and from sampler via your controller, or do you mean another view to minimize/hide the decks via MIDI, or are you meaning something different, maybe a little more info or another way of explaining, including why you want this function.

Maybe the Mods will better understand, but from where I am I don't quite get what you mean and why ? so the extra info may help others better understand. :) :)
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Re: 4 Decks n Decks

Postby Team@Mixvibes on 06 Sep 2016, 15:21

By n decks, do you mean a random number of decks (like, 6 or 8 decks = 6 or 8 players?)

If so, what would you exactly try to achieve with this? Play parts of them at the same time (like with the sampler) or just pre-load them (like in the Automix), or something totally different?
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