Cross DJ Compatible with Control s4 & How

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Cross DJ Compatible with Control s4 & How

Postby Bharat Roshan on 04 Jul 2016, 21:49

Hi Im kind of new to this forum...One of my friend told me to buy Cross DJ software...bcos i was i wanted to dvj i saw this now i wanna some questions & hope u guys can clear off my doubts as I'm a traktor user...

So i just wanna do doing with which version is suitable for my requirements.

does it supports control s4 easily
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Re: Cross DJ Compatible with Control s4 & How

Postby DJ Vintage on 05 Jul 2016, 07:23

I don't think Mixvibes Cross has ever natively supported Traktor controllers and the way Native Instruments is behaving (becoming a very closed ecosystem) I doubt there will much need for Traktor controller support in the future.

Also the S4 does not have any video(-ready) options as far as I know.
If you are serious about video I would start looking for a controller that allows a bit easier integration of video and audio. I don't do much video, but had a play around with it when I had the Denon MC6000 and the little video switch made things so much easier.

Of course the S4 is a MIDI controller, so you can always map it for Cross use yourself (or perhaps some user already has, I don't know).

Hope that helps some.
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