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Postby Anim-16 on 22 Jun 2016, 17:28

Bonjour et bravo pour ce soft, je déplore la place du forum Français (je suis français et je parle très mal l'anglais) .

Hello and congratulations for this app, I deplore the place of French forum (I'm French and I'm bad in English).

J'utilise beaucoup la vidéo (mp4) et mon écran est au centre de la scène.

I use a lot of video (mp4) and my screen is at center stage.

Lorsque je lis des mp3, je mets le fond d'écran de l'ordinateur, ou j'ai un fond noir: j'aimerais un ou des effet(s) vidéo comme sur VLC dans "Visualisations"

When I read the mp3, I put the screen of the computer, or I have a black background: I would like video effect like VLC in "Vizualisation"

Je n'utilise pas beaucoup le système de photo ou de titrage, et très rarement la webcam.

I do not use much the picture or titration system, and very rarely the webcam.

Merci pour la lecture de ce billet.

Thank you for reading this post.

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Re: Suggestion video

Postby RoJeC on 27 Jun 2016, 05:23

Mon Francais ...

In Cross (full) the video sampler can do this job. Each samplepad 1-4 can hold a vid, e.g. a visualization. These are available as download.

If your Vfx icon means you have the video feature as addon it might be you have the video sample pads, However I couldn;t find info on this specification.

Other alternative would be to use a visualization vid in deck A while MP3 in deck C. Or use 'seperate A/V' loading and put both in deck A. This would require having some long visualization videos(longer then mp3 duration)


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