Fade-In/Fade-Out Markers

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Fade-In/Fade-Out Markers

Postby Picaso on 23 Mar 2016, 16:56

Hi :)

how about implementing Fade-In and Fade-Out Markers like in Traktor. I would really need them to skip outros and longer silences at the end of a track. I know I can use the first cue point as an Fade-In marker and this works quite well.

Depending on how it's implemented this might also be a solution for people who don't like the Auto-Cue Feature on the first beat rather than on the beginning of the song.
You could implement Fade-In/Fade-Out Markers and use them for Auto-Cue and if people don't want it they can just switch it off. As I could read in an old thread about the auto-cue the developers don't want to have tons of options, so the software remains easy to use. Anyway maybe putting a new option tab for auto-mix could serve both worlds! Because people who need Auto-Play will go there and be happy about the options and people who don't need it will just ignore it...

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