Touch Mode for Touchscreen Laptops

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Touch Mode for Touchscreen Laptops

Postby Bllooi on 11 Oct 2015, 08:15

Would just like to recommend a touch screen mode for us junkies that use touch screen counputers because as of late, touch screen monitors have become alot more useful, just by dragging things to places faster, doing fast scratches without the controller and such.

I think it would add to the value of this program, even though it is already feature filled and amazing.
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Re: Touch Mode for Touchscreen Laptops

Postby RoJeC on 11 Oct 2015, 13:24

I've used a touchscreen laptop a few times. Don't have the idea this is better. Not having the feeling is one thing, other is screen getting dirty without being to clean while active, yet another is different behaviour when having touched a cold glass.

Maybe when touch resistance is available for touchscreen (outside lab) i give it a try, but meanwhile laptop/controller is my preference...


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Re: Touch Mode for Touchscreen Laptops

Postby discopex on 11 Oct 2015, 13:47

I have a touchscreen laptop, the current Cross(DJ) GUI cannot really be used for control (not sure if I would use it either in 'real' situations) but it's sometimes quite handy to drag and drop a track from playlist to deck.
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Re: Touch Mode for Touchscreen Laptops

Postby grolicus on 18 Jun 2016, 21:01

After using Traktor DJ on iOS, I changed my mind: touch controls can work, and when they do, it's a very intuitive way to work.
So I fully support the request for a touch interface on PC.
I really think this is the way forward.
Touch may lack tactile feedback (for now, look at Apple's efforts), but it love the direct input.
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Re: Touch Mode for Touchscreen Laptops

Postby Will ZEgal on 03 Jul 2016, 23:39

I'll also be glad to have a touchable GUI.

I'm fond of hardware controllers, but touchscreen allows to access some functions not mapped on the controller without having to take the mouse or the trackpad.
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