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Auto refresh folders

Postby deanobirko on 09 Jul 2015, 12:02

Hi there, been using Cross for a couple of years.

One thing that I cant get used to is the library and folder views.

My library is just a massive list of tracks of all genres and searching them works fine if I know what I want to play.

I hate to hark on about VDJ but if you drop a load of files into a random folder, you can navigate to that folder OR search for them instantly.

On Cross, If I navigate to a folder, you have to wait 30 seconds while it scans the folder. Then if I drop tracks into that folder, I have to restart Cross to get it to refresh that folder. Its not good. Can you make it so you can manually OR automatically refresh folder view as I dont use the library view.

Im sure many people could use this feature.
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