Numark ns7 mk3 full support for mixvibes

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Numark ns7 mk3 full support for mixvibes

Postby dj_cross_fade on 27 Jun 2015, 06:09

vdj will support this and my hopes is you do 2 as you have a better sound when it comes to scratching
. i want to see all the lights work it would be real nice.
im having a hard time mapping the nv my self
i do see that mixvibes sees the screens on my nv im just not smart enough to do it my self . so why not give a another option to those that buy the ns7 instend of just vdj and Serato DJ

as a old school DJ i see my self saving up for the Numark ns7 mk3 for home and the Numark nv goes out with me to party's
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i stream my mixes and Gameplay at
at you get no copy right strikes and im working on making a DJ community there
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