Rekordbox sync with match tracks

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Rekordbox sync with match tracks

Postby George Hill on 23 Jun 2015, 04:29

I have just exported rekordbox xml and it seems like it hasn't exported the manual match tracks information.
All paylists, tracks, etc exported correctly. Except for what is saved in the manual match window...
Is this the correct behaviour? It would be really great to have this information automatically sync to rekordbox, so it's there for when I use CDJ's & rekordbox.

A workaround would be to match tracks in rekordbox instead, which I am currently doing.
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George Hill
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Re: Rekordbox sync with match tracks

Postby RoJeC on 23 Jun 2015, 07:00

Hi George,

Please register your license key in your user profile.

The Match info can't be synced. In both programs it is acting as 'on the fly' and isn't saved in between sessions.


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Manual? In Cross open menu, select Help (available 24/7).
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Re: Rekordbox sync with match tracks

Postby George Hill on 27 Jun 2015, 02:32

Just added my serial no.

I'd like to explain my situation a bit more.. ;)

In my case, I use CDJ's at the club. But I prepare my mixes/sets/playlists in Cross and sync it over to rekordbox.

I use 'manual match' playlist live with rekordbox over ethernet. Loading tracks to players with rekordbox.

I like to 'manual match' tracks with eachother so it reminds me of a certain track combination when I select that track in the browser.

Currently I am matching my tracks in rekordbox when I come up with a combination I like (because Cross doesn't sync 'manual match' information.)

The problem is that matching tracks in Rekordbox is annoying, because you have to find both tracks, load them both into seperate decks, and press the match button. Compared to Cross, which is way more easier..

Having the ability to make my manual matches in Cross and have them sync over before the gig would be amazing. Is this a feature you are likely to implement?
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George Hill
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