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Customisation of Decks

PostPosted: 07 Apr 2015, 18:21
by ralle474
So in traktor you can change your decks and especially hide some waveforms and some not. It'd be great if you could do something similar in Cross DJ. For example I'm used to DJing on CDJ 800/2000s which doesn't have a big waveform. It has the overview and the bpm counter, so I'd be nice if you could do something similar. I know if you're in collection view you don't get the big waveform, but then you don't get the BPM... Which can be nice to have as a starting point at least...

The second thing, which is the same thing (kind of) as I wrote above is to be able to have a beats to marker countdown (similar to the CDJ 2000 Nexus, Traktor). It's a great tool when you're trying to do spontaneous mashups! :D

Re: Customisation of Decks

PostPosted: 08 Apr 2015, 21:05
by DJHire
Yes i would also like to see these implemented making it much easier for DJ mashups