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Autoplay automatic beat reset

Postby DJ Vintage on 25 Mar 2015, 12:30

Hi folks,

Anybody else that feels this might be a nice addition?

If you use autoplay in sync mode and you have all your tracks set correctly (and I have to say this works pretty nice as it is now) and you have tracks going up in bpm, it will only makes each next track play slower. So if your first track is 120 bpm and 10 tracks later you have 130 bpm tracks, they still play at 120 bpm.

I think it would be nice to have a button to select the following behaviour:
after the transition is complete, check the bpm of the next track. Calculate the difference and divide by two. Then slowly change the bpm of the playing track to half the difference over the course of the track (either really slowly over the track length or somewhere in the track in a 32-bit block for example). If the difference is smaller than a certain bpm or bpm%, just return the playing track bpm to it's own native bpm.

4 tracks of 120 122 and 125 and 126 bpm.
The first track starts at 120
Software calculates a difference as being 2 and slowly raises track 1 to 121 bpm. When track 2 is loaded it is set to sync at 121. The next track is a 3 bpm difference (even while it is currently 4), so the playing track is now slowly raised to 122 plus 1.5 is 123.5. Track 3 now comes in at 123.5. The difference between 3 and 4 is only 1 bpm and is disregarded by the software. Track 3 is now sped up to it's own 125 bpm. Track 4 comes in at 125 as well and depending on what's next will either be returned to 126 or whatever the relevant difference is.

Granted, it's luxury and autoplay isn't all that important, but I do find myself tossing a few tracks in autoplay when I am still cleaning up my workspace early in the night when some music is already wanted and it would be nice if autoplay was a bit more intelligent in that way.

Just my two cents.
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