M-Audio Torq feature we should have Quick Scratch

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M-Audio Torq feature we should have Quick Scratch

Postby dj_cross_fade on 06 Mar 2015, 12:51

m audio torq was my 1st DVS they are out of business and have been for along time . one thing i loved was Quick Scratch as seen in this video
phpBB [video]

this would be great to have in mixvibes Cross .

p.s no one has this anymore it died like Vestax's ultra pitch :(
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Re: M-Audio Torq feature we should have Quick Scratch

Postby FigDJ on 06 Apr 2015, 15:25

With a little bit of MIDI mapping it can be done by using commands already available.

For example, in the collection when you go to the folder for Samples. It list all the samples banks, any individual sample can be loaded to a deck and those commands are mapable.
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Re: M-Audio Torq feature we should have Quick Scratch

Postby DJ Curl on 08 Nov 2015, 20:40

Hi there, i know i'm quite diggin out this topic, but i'm having questions about the sampler and scratch use of it.
I'm using turntables with DVS and love scratchin sometimes. I've just bought a MIDI controller and doing mapping for it (ZOMO MC1000, really good choice for DVS users I think).
I'd like to have scratch sample banks loaded into pads, and by just pressing a button, send it to the player and scratch it. I know i can put them with my Nav part of the controller, but it's way longer. I haven't found anything in mapping possibilities to do that quickly? Is there anyway?

thanks in advance
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