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Mapping Functions Not Working Correctly

PostPosted: 03 Mar 2015, 15:18
by JohnLandsman
Still looking for some help on this.
I would like to create some custom keyboard maps for a few functions.

While I could definitely be missing something, I don't think that I am.
In the Manual. Section 4.11
Using the Keyboard.
1. I clicked the + button to add custom Controller mappings.
2. Named it.
3. Clicked the + sign next to Tracks Rack
4. Clicked "add mapping" next to "Auto Play Stop/Start.
5. set the mapping to the letter "s" and left it in toggle mode.
Followed the same set up for "add to auto play" using the letter "a"
and the same set up using the letter "n" (next) for AutoPlay Next.

"N" works if I use a mouse to click on the AutoPlay Start/Stop button on the screen.
"S" starts the A player playing NOT AutoPlay.
With the A deck playing, pressing the "N" button give me an error telling me I have to first stop the deck from playing.
"A" does nothing.

What am I missing?

Re: Mapping Functions Not Working Correctly

PostPosted: 03 Mar 2015, 15:26
by RoJeC
Your assumptions are right. It should work. However this was reported as a bug recently in 3.3.10.
Some single character functions somehow started to behave different (even doing other things then mapped to). It is expected to be fixed in the next release, but no promise yet as worse case an update of MS is involved and the root may not be in Cross.

Using key combinations still seems to work. So you can use CTRL-A ; CTRL-N etc.