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Re: GUI Refresh Ideas for 2015?

Postby Nathan Kelly on 05 Feb 2015, 16:53

Jim B wrote:I believe the GUI for Cross is in need a big overhaul. Features have been added and it just looks cluttered to me.

I agree it needs a refresh. Hi-res support, smoother performance, cleaner design.

FigDJ wrote:Perhaps if Mixvibes decides to overhaul the GUI they will fix the beatmatcher while they are at it or scrap the beatmatcher for full parallell to each other horizontal waveforms

Full parallel waveforms would be awesome. The beatmatcher as it is doesn't flow smooth enough for it to be of use. It's weird, Serato is only 32 bit, but the waveforms scroll much smoother than Cross which is 64 bit.

The GUI is really the only thing holding me back from making Cross my main software. It's got the best library management by far, super flexible with MIDI/HID and a great feature set.
Nathan Kelly
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Re: GUI Refresh Ideas for 2015?

Postby Antoine_G on 06 Feb 2015, 13:43

- GPU accelerated waveforms

+1, Mixxx do it
"These new, butter-smooth waveforms run at up to 60 FPS, taking advantage of hardware OpenGL acceleration for maximum performance. "

- Customize track header content, placement

+1 for customization options in track header content
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Re: GUI Refresh Ideas for 2015?

Postby dj_cross_fade on 26 Feb 2015, 22:56

something that i love on serato DJ is that where mixvibes mixer in the skin is there are 2 waves intend . it would be nice to have . the mixer is a waste of space .it still shows it with something like a ddj sx
and i dont need to see it
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Re: GUI Refresh Ideas for 2015?

Postby rhorvath on 10 Apr 2015, 01:05

New GUI ideas? :lol:

The first quarter of 2015 is passed. Trend in interface design (where GUI of Cross belongs too) is about flat. Flat is not bad, much easily readable = understandable than skeumorphism. (shines, shadows, unnecessary effects, etc.)

You did a great job on iOS and Android apps! I use them both.
So, is it a question? You know what to do, and you know how to do. C'mon! ;)
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