Better playlist folder organization

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Better playlist folder organization

Postby dj eazy on 12 Nov 2014, 22:37

Hello, is it possible to have clear view of sub playlist folders from the main playlist folder. Right now we have to click on each playlist folder to view tracks. So if I'm in EDM (Main folder), I can"t see whats in EDM TRAP, EDM DUB, EDM HIPHOP, and so on, which are all subfolders in EDM (main folder). In Serato, you can see everything in the sub folders from the main folder, and in VDJ, you can click the main folder and select rescue, and you will then be able to see everything in the sub folders, which makes it easier to find tracks to mashup. This would be a major plus to have, and eliminate how much time we spend trying to group tracks together.
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Re: Better playlist folder organization

Postby djmagicmoments on 07 Jan 2015, 03:42

Are you thinking of a recurse function, where the collection of all the tracks appear in the parent folder?

Great suggestion for sure.
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