Automatic rename for playlists & search field behavior

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Automatic rename for playlists & search field behavior

Postby DJ Vintage on 31 Oct 2014, 07:40

Hi guys,

Here's my suggestion. The current procedure does not seem to make much sense.

When you right-click on "playlists" and then create a new playlist, you end up with a playlist called (someone had a flash of creativity) "untitled playlist".

To give the playlist it's intended name (I don't pretend to know what people want to call their new playlists, but I am willing to bet money on the fact that nobody is looking for a playlist called untitled playlist :-)), you have to either double-click on the playlist name or right-click and chose "rename playlist".

It makes more sense, imho, when the new playlist is generated with the name in edit-mode or before it's generated a pop-up to enter the desired playlist name.

Another thing is the behavior of the search box. First I have to applaud Mixvibes for at least taking care that when you click the little x, the cursor ends up in the search box (some colleagues don't even have that, you click the x and then have to reclick inside the search box).

The behavior when you click inside the search box is that the cursor is set at the end of the current entry if you click in an empty spot or at the place of the cursor if you click in the current entry. In order to search quickly you have to exactly hit the little x to get an empty box.

My suggestion would be to make it so that when you click anywhere in the search box (much easier to hit than the small x), the entire current text in the search box is highlighted so when you start typing it removes the current text and enters the new. In most cases when you go back to the search box, you will want to find something other than the current search criteria.

If adapted in this way, you can just quickly hit the search box and start typing.

It's a minor thing, but as a mobile DJ I use the search box VERY regularly and those minor things start to bug you.

DJ Vintage
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Re: Automatic rename for playlists & search field behavior

Postby RoJeC on 31 Oct 2014, 08:56

I think it is a good suggestion, but have some concerns.

e.g. If the search results are not as wanted (but technical OK) minor correcting/modifying a string would be annoying if you have to retype all.

Adding a MRU list might be a way around this.

I think it should be tested first to check out if it is more convenient or not.

Also a common usage (at least in Windows programs) is to click 2 times to select a word and 3 times to select a sentence (/cell).


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