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Some ideas for a the new Cross

PostPosted: 14 Oct 2014, 18:26
by Di Rossi
I know is be relentless for my side but i really like Cross and i'm want to stick with it...but as more advance i get in my way to play and my set up, Cross be less suitable for me...
As i'm saying as long time now the Fx's zone needs some serious work out, even less i work with Ableton Live to route the Fx's i still thinking that we need a better Fx's zone.
The other thing is the Sample Deck's...Can we do something like a Step Sequencer (sort of a remix deck in Traktor) if we put the sample deck's with different pages (ok is like the Traktor) but that feature is awesome and for that is not need to use Ableton to do the Step Sequencer...
Talking about Ableton i remember...and what about a MIDI signal to route between different softwares....and that leads to the Route audio...It's any way possible to route out the audio from Cross, for example to Ableton...Like have a Jack Router inside the Cross...and saying to Cross that the outputs of decks going to ableton for example...
Ok don't realize that i was so extensive , but this is my main hope to Cross...

Re: Some ideas for a the new Cross

PostPosted: 14 Oct 2014, 22:05
by HawnSolo
Hello Di Rossi,

I see you use a DJM 2000, and while I am not very familiar with that specific mixer I do use a DJM 850 and have figured out a way to record my mixes (each deck individually) from Cross into Ableton.

Here's a quick example of what I did. First I hooked up my DJM and set up the Mixer Input and Mixer Output section on the DJM Setting Utility (hopefully it is similar for your DJM 2000).
Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 1.41.15 PM.png

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 1.40.55 PM.png

Then I set up Cross and routed all the all the decks to the appropriate channels on my mixer.

Then I set up Ableton. First I made sure the DJM was the active sound card, and made sure all 4 stereo inputs from the mixer where enabled.

I also made sure that I had disabled record arm being exclusive, that way I could record all 4 decks at the same time.

Then I made 4 Audio Tracks in Ableton and set them to the 4 enabled inputs, which are the post fader levels for each individual channel on the mixer.

Also be sure route all channels to the master and mute the master, otherwise you may get feedback back into your mixer.

Then to try and make it even more like he bridge from Serato and Ableton, I mapped my crossfader on the mixer to the crossfader in Ableton and my curve selector switch to an empty macro knob on an empty effect rack on my master channel.

That way I could record my crossfader movement and a reference to which curve I had selected at the time of my mix and then set Ableton's crossfader curve accordingly.

I also used nillins Cross clock app found here... viewtopic.php?t=27400

This helped to get Ableton and Cross at least somewhat synced, but I also made sure that Auto Warp Long Samples, was disabled in Ableton. Otherwise I experienced some weird issues where the tempo in Ableton is changing and it is warped wrong.

Because of that I tend to never warp any of the recorded input for my mixes, and just line things up with the grid off if things accidentally out of sync.

My other main issue is that I cannot use timecode and record 4 decks in ableton (as two of them will just be timecode input). Because of that I have only tested this setup a few times.

This all worked somewhat successfully for me, and hopefully it can help you achieve what you want. Hopefully it all makes sense too! :biggrin:

Re: Some ideas for a the new Cross

PostPosted: 15 Oct 2014, 01:07
by Di Rossi
Thanks 4 the help...seems u get something on there.....the problem is that i only use the Djm 2000 on my residence club (btw i hate the 2000) and i get many gigs out and i have to play with external sound card....that thing of Niilin is cool (he's my friend) but i never get it work it...the fx's zone i don't do like you i have a send/return channel mapp for each channel on my Xone K2, in this case 2 send/return per channel....but i would like to be able to learn that way u talking....send me your Facebook page for us to talk...

Re: Some ideas for a the new Cross

PostPosted: 15 Oct 2014, 11:34
by cologne79
I use a Kaoss Pad Quad for Effects, cause of the weak effect section. My Setup is 2x Denon SC2900, RMX 40 and Maya 44.

Re: Some ideas for a the new Cross

PostPosted: 15 Oct 2014, 12:40
by UncleVibes
New effects are in the to do studies

Re: Some ideas for a the new Cross

PostPosted: 15 Oct 2014, 14:29
by Di Rossi
In the to do list like for ages

Re: Some ideas for a the new Cross

PostPosted: 15 Oct 2014, 15:07
by RoJeC
It usually ain't technical people that try to spend ages on a study....

Re: Some ideas for a the new Cross

PostPosted: 16 Oct 2014, 12:43
by Di Rossi
don't need to much study open that to VST plugging...easy...and as u can see is other topics in the forum that explain and seems pretty easy to develop the ideias i trough especially the MIDI clock...Nillin do a pretty nice job on it....
Not all is bad this update stable out Cross pretty well but we are not get closer to the other competitors if we not move forward to the things i said...Serato is doing the brigde full on next year...Traktor with the remix decks step sequencer...and MIDI clock....we can use other software in conjunction....for me work with Cross & Ableton is been awesome many people look surprise to what i did with the 2 of them but i need to go a step forward i need not sample but step sequencer and i can do it on Ableton if Cross build a MIDI clock in/out...
phpBB [video]
an example ...
phpBB [video]
another one...btw i do the mappings on the K2's...

Re: Some ideas for a the new Cross

PostPosted: 16 Oct 2014, 13:44
by RoJeC
I agree to the main direction you suggest and respect for the way you use and develop your skills/performance.

MIDI clock likely will be helpful in many cases, but does require linked equipment to be of 'good quality' as well.

VST standards are 'easy'. Creating/selecting VST-plugins isn't.

Many plugins will do a good job when run by itself. When using with Cross (or any decent DJ app) they show CPU problems (high cap) or lack parameters to handle usage in combination with multiple dynamic controls.

The good thing about 64-bit of course is that a whole new set of options for FX are opened up which cannot be achieved by 32 bit.

Re: Some ideas for a the new Cross

PostPosted: 16 Oct 2014, 14:02
by Di Rossi
I still on this quest because, and again, many but many DJ's Nacional & Internacional ask me what the well is that software and how i achieve such an complex set up with Ableton & Cross...was hard and many (most of them) play in Traktor or Serato and i 4 many years stick with Cross (and i don't want to change) but i need to evolve to bring most dynamic to the crowd 4 that i need at least a step sequencer or a drum machine... doing that without MIDI Clock is at least relentless...The Fx's are the minor problem i use send/return on Ableton and probably gonna use that 4 ever, is more intuitive the Fx's in post fader...even the traktor or Serato Fx's for me seems a little dumb but ok in some cases could help build up nice things....
Any way seems that the MIDI Clock is achievable with pretty low efforts....than i don't need t sold me out to Traktor (i don't want that but in the last case will be the thing to happen) many friends of mine would like the ideia to me moving on for Traktor because i could help them out in MIDI mappings and other stuff....but again i like Cross...So this is like a open letter to the crew of Mixvibes....the update was great Cross is faster and reliable....just need that leap forward to definitely jump to the "big league"....them more people came across and jump on Cross...
Hope that this gonna reach the Mixvibes team...and i offering my help to achieve that....