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Postby VDj Sean T on 24 Sep 2014, 21:02


I have used the RC3 jus now & within 5 minutes my MBP started heating up & the fan came on. . even though I'm in an air-conditioned room. I really don't find much of a difference, except for the navigation button. I was telling MV about the issues to address . . such as

a) The Effects

b) Smoothen the waveforms as they move. . it seriously is bothering to the eyes when mixing. I keep buying a new 15 MBP every year, thinking it will be smoother. ( Increase the screen refresh rate to the max )

c) Highlight the Beat markers bolder on every 4th beat .

d) Perfect the Cue in the mix bar section on top. If we set a cue, it will not show that perfect point in the mix waveforms.

e) Every beat should line up grids perfectly when beat girding is done.. even the off-beats . .( Like an auto select in front of every beat. saves time


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