Variations on Mixed In Key

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Variations on Mixed In Key

Postby Munkeycop on 23 Sep 2014, 21:52

Thanks to CrossDJ and its use of Mixed In Key I am finding all kinds of awesome new track combinations that I had never thought of before.
A while back I found this excellent article (link : on harmonic mixing and key variations that go beyond the typical 'one step up or down' approach.

Here are some examples :

Going from Minor to Major (+3 and change letters on the Camelot wheel) (4A-7B) (F Minor – F Major) – While these keys might have 3 notes that are different, the root note is the same and can give a great musical effect on the dancefloor, either brightening the mood or darkening the mood.

Going up a Minor Third (-3 on the Camelot Wheel) (4A – 1A) (F Minor – A flat Minor) – While these scales have 3 notes that are different I’ve found that they still sound good played together, and tend to raise the energy of a room.

There are also other excellent variations and I recommend the article to anyone who drops by this forum.
So my question is... would it be possible to work these variations into a future version of CrossDJ? i.e. have the Key column show compatible mix variations in varying colours to highlight the available options.

Beyond that CrossDJ is excellent! Keep up the good work!
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