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USB HID Joystick/Game Controller Support

PostPosted: 01 Sep 2014, 09:02
by LukeAnnett
Any chance USB HID support for joysticks/gamepads could be implemented?

Reaper is a DAW that has it implemented.

This would remove all the limitations of MIDI.

I'm in the process of building my own controller section on my own passive mixer and would love to go down the route of using a USB HID micro controller to accomplish this.

It would also open up a huge niche in the market for DIY folk like myself.

Surely it wouldn't take too much effort to implement?

Re: USB HID Joystick/Game Controller Support

PostPosted: 01 Sep 2014, 10:14
by discopex
I've tested a gamepad with DJ applications in the past, using a 3rd party MIDI converter app. There was a slight latency though (if my memory serves me correct).

Here is one such app

Re: USB HID Joystick/Game Controller Support

PostPosted: 02 Sep 2014, 01:46
by LukeAnnett
Yes, I have seen a similar program and I've toyed around with junXion. It does work well but MIDI limitations in terms of genuine resolution annoy me.

Going all the way to 14 bit resolution MIDI is a big jump and is honestly unnecessary for even fine pitch control. Configuration and communication issues aren't an issue with usb hid. Virtual DJ and mixxx both have it implemented. Surely all it would take is for mixvibes to open up hid access for something else other than ridiculously overpriced Pioneer cdjs.

I think Cross is an amazing program and is why I use it, this would be an easy feature to implement and open it up for other manufacturers to easily support usb hid for Cross apart from just Pioneer. The protocol needs opening up, not locking down as serato, traktor are doing at the moment with all of these software specific controllers that, really, at a base level operate the exact same way anyway.

Allowing hid game controllers would allow anyone to control Cross easily with gamepads or joysticks etc. too. USB hid joysticks have no issues to implement as it is natively supported in os x and windows. Keyboards are already supported (as well as cdjs....) so I don't see how it would take much to implement/enable at all in the program.

A 12 bit resolution accurate joystick controller is easy as it gets and cheap to implement and provides great resolution from potentiometers. (slide or rotary)

+/-6% resolution is 12% / (12 bit) 4096 = 0.0029%. Far less than necessary considering Cross can manage 0.01%.


Re: USB HID Joystick/Game Controller Support

PostPosted: 07 Oct 2014, 12:16
by Stormcaller
I'd love to use my Cthulhu fightstick as a controller for things like sample control. This is a great idea.