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3.2.0 Use of spacebar to jump through list

PostPosted: 14 Aug 2014, 09:42
by RoJeC
In the track rack it used to be possible to use the spacebar when typing to jump to a track when sorted on a column (like title).

Even when the spacebar is unmapped in keyboard it doesn't work.

I think that even with a mapped function it is to be preferred that when entering a string it is read as a space and not the mapping function, just like when search box is being filled.

e.g. 'if y' now goes to 'If Everyone'
whereas I would like to go to 'If You'
(example from my collection title names)
It does not jump to Y as starting character, so I guess it should be feasible.

In Cross DJ 1.7, the version with the best Cross GUI (light grey), it works fine.