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aksed for futures first

PostPosted: 09 Jul 2014, 13:46
by gullum
Before I go sounding like an a** thanks for adding some of the things that have been asked.
But could you please start adding better FX instead of adding unpredictable futures no one asked for like sound cloud integration, 1 change in their code and it won't work until Cross is updated. More and more songs get the booth from SC for copyright even official remixes made by well known DJ's.

Re: aksed for futures first

PostPosted: 09 Jul 2014, 14:55
by RoJeC
Hi Gullum, thanks for the suggestion. It is always a challenge to balance between improving functioning components (with its limitations) and adding features that are expected to become a global standard. ;)

Streaming music is expected to be a major music source the coming years with rapid expanding services. As is in the announcement for 3.2.0 SoundCloud is just the first of more planned. :cool: