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Finding similar tracks feature

Postby Antoine_G on 05 Jul 2014, 12:43


I post my first suggestion and, I think, not the last. Sorry for my English, I'm French.

DJuced, provided with my Hercules RMX2 has a field named "match". This field attempts to find the better next song (but I think it's very bugged). It is automatically refreshed with a percentage.

Is it possible to have the same feature in Mixvibes?

For instance,

You can have the modified BPM and the modified key of the song played in the Master deck and give a percentage to the others songs in the collection.
The modified BPM of the Master deck determines ranges. For example:
Same BPM = 100%
+/- 3% of the original BPM = 90%
+/-(between 3 and 6) = 80%

Same Key = 100%
And other percentage defined by harmonic mixing rules
XA -> (X+1)A = 90%
XA -> (X+7)A = 70%
XA -> XB = ????

And final percentage = %(BPM) x %(KEY) would be in a automatically refreshed field named "Song match" :)

I think it could be heavy for the CPU if it's real-time, especially if the BPM is often modified. You have you can add some tricks:
-refresh after 3 seconds without BPM or Key manipulation in the master deck?
-Click on a button "Finding similar tracks" in explorer (beside "Search"

I don't know if it's understandable. I can post in French forum too.
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