Prevent Pitch Range Auto Adjusting - make it an option

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Prevent Pitch Range Auto Adjusting - make it an option

Postby elationdjs on 28 Jun 2014, 01:35

Something I've noticed and can hopefully be added. When mixing two tracks that are outside the sync pitch range there could do with being an option where you can turn the auto pitch range off. I have had both set to 16% and then a track is selected which needs a little more (does not happen often) the software auto selects 32% pitch range and keeps it at this - if you are unaware and move the fader manually a fraction at 32% it is very noticeable. If a track is outside the current pitch range and auto pitch is off then nothing should happen.

Hope that makes sense.

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Re: Prevent Pitch Range Auto Adjusting - make it an option

Postby RoJeC on 28 Jun 2014, 07:54

I understand your issue, but in Cross automatic means automatic. Little chance you find a function that is automatic, but....

The result of your suggestion would be that theauto pitch can be totally off without users understanding why the auto function does not work. Where as you mention the situation where you are already holding the fader to adjust at your fingers with audible and visual feebback for what you are changing.
This is my thought on your suggestion.


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