mention again, now i see Virtual DJ have this first

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mention again, now i see Virtual DJ have this first

Postby Activated Soundwave on 19 Jun 2014, 17:00

I have mentioned about a marker system for allowing us to set up our intro and outro points etc and triggering samples or maybe effects. I can elaborate on this again if need be if you guys missed that idea.

But now I see VDJ has beaten too it, quite a great system too, although in their system I think when I tested their demo they can only tie these down to a track like with hot cues so the settings are stuck, but I think the way to go is so that these extra makers are only tied into the playlist, unless you check an option when setting up these markers to tie it in to the tracks in your collection.

For me apart from the fx sections in general and also lack of sync rate and a good Beat chopping and panning grid effect, the markers are my top priority if I had to choose one priority if that where possible, its this innovation that will give us more room to dare!!!

Been locked down with a bit of depression with my music career so not really been able to focus on much of late, but if you don't mind I am going to draw up a few ideas regarding the effects section, would be great to be able to shuffle between a few effects a bit like with your android app from what I remember or have a Cross fade system so you could say add a beat effects and bring delay effects or reverb into the equation by fading between effects or even between effects on different decks and switching these over it is possible if you think about the routing of such, okay I am waffling on now I get carried away and I have mentioned before sorry for that , I cant help wanting the best, better than all the rest lol .

By the way I still wont leave mixvibes no matter what others have, I like Cross DJ too much to give up on it :)

Sorry for sounding like a broken record . :)
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Re: mention again, now i see Virtual DJ have this first

Postby elationdjs on 04 Jul 2014, 15:17

Hi Activated,

I have VDJ8 the full version. Yes there are some nifty features the one I used a lot since launch was the ability to add an action to a track, for example you could set an effect or a loop to come in at a set point and define how long it was enabled for then after the set length it was disabled. All this happened transparent to the user once set. A really useful feature.

But I will not be leaving Cross, way too happy with it. Would be nice in future versions though for mixvibes to consider some of functions in other software and try and iimplement their own version of it.

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