Does the current beatmatcher needs to change?

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Do you like the current beatmacher?

I like it the way it is.
Like to see at least the markers be brighter like in version 2.6
Want the old beatmacher back, just like in 2.6
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Re: Does the current beatmatcher needs to change?

Postby FigDJ on 15 Aug 2014, 14:29

Once again

I guess for Mixvibes this is "beating a dead horse".

I continue to use Cross 2.6 for gigs and the latest 3.x version for MIDI mapping research.

I would love to start using the new version (3.2 and soon 3.3), however, I continue to be dissapointed in the fact that the major selling point to me (the beatmatcher) has been broken since 3.0. I mean broken in the sense that
1. It is not useful to have all the colors
2. The rendering is no longer an indication of peaks. It is just a halve cut off from the deck waveform.
3. The very clear markers for bet #1 on every bar and beat #1 for the 16 bit cycle are pretty much gone.

I can live with the color schema but the rendering (not done as peaks) and the markers will have to change. This sis my oppinion and I know there are other that share my views completely or partially.

I will continue to support Djs in this forum and doing everything I can to help. It is time for me to look for alternatives or move back to where I was. It is not something I trully want to do but I find that Cross in is current stae is increasingly not satisfying my needs so I am clearly stuck in 2.6 because the waveforms....would love to start using 3.2 and perhaps 3.3 because the new features are good.....will look for an alternative with better "beatmacher like" functionality and better effects.

A response from a Mixvibes Team member would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Does the current beatmatcher needs to change?

Postby RoJeC on 15 Aug 2014, 23:46

I think the new colors in this version have the side effect of a little more clarity. So I guess they are listening but still in the process of creating a solution that outbeats both the new as the old.
Something that could be done at a glance now requires studying lines in the screen with less chance of being successful in time.

Maybe the horse isn't dead but the jockey is still trying to Master it


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Re: Does the current beatmatcher needs to change?

Postby ddjj on 16 Aug 2014, 23:16


I agree with beatmatcher is choppy and hard to see at best...All the lines have some sort of triangle (in various sizes).
I wish the 16 count would be a big colored circle (yellow or red) and maybe that count line undeniably bigger...not sure why the multi colored lines are important. because you have those in the are beats, focus and hilite the snare, and bass drum like in 2.6...just my opinion! I like 2.6 better!

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Re: Does the current beatmatcher needs to change?

Postby rhopkins on 17 Aug 2014, 05:34

I like the different colours - really helpful me to see where the bass, treble and mids are coming in.

i do agree on the markers though.

And also that really we shouldn't even need it! Hate how reliant on the beatmatcher I am.
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Re: Does the current beatmatcher needs to change?

Postby discopex on 17 Aug 2014, 11:45

I only look into the matcher when I hear something's not in sync, just to confirm I'm not hearing things (DJing can resemble multitasking sometimes, chatting with people while browsing for songs and tweaking filters etc). I'd say 95% of the tracks I play are already beatgridded or not fluctuating (sadly not so much proper funk & house gets played these days). 3.3.0 beatmatcher seemed slightly better.
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