BeatGrid edit via MIDI

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BeatGrid edit via MIDI

Postby BennyB on 13 Aug 2012, 13:42

So, I wanted to assign an encoder on my U-Mix Control Pro (using modifiers), to edit the beatgrid, and I found that moving beatgrid with an encoder as it should move (rotate left beatgrid goes left rotate right beatgrid goes right), it is not possible because beatgrid moving commands are separate therefore can't map it to one encoder.

I think noone have noticed this.

You should change that somehow, because it just feel so stupid, this way, and not so possible to map it.

It's logical to be able to map the whole beatgrid edit to one push-encoder:
-Beatgrid move
-Beatgrid expand/shrink (with modifier)
- Add downbeat (push the encoder)
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