Cross2.0RC Stay 'bookmarked' when deleting tracks

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Cross2.0RC Stay 'bookmarked' when deleting tracks

Postby RoJeC on 02 Jul 2012, 09:29

In most screen 'lists' when deleting a track the focus of the list is shifted to the position where the deleted track was stored in original collection order :eek: (at least this is what i guess is happening :?: ).

I would think a track can be deleted from the current view, without any jumping around. :razz:

Related to this is that upon deleting a track the SORT of the list is redone. When the list is e.g. sorted by genre the result is being 'randomized' :rolleyes: within each genre. Maybe a static secundairy index can be used to have a more stable order in sorted views. :confused:


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