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"Balance" knob to Internal Mixer

PostPosted: 09 Feb 2012, 21:44
by BennyB
It would be nice to have a balance knob in the exeternal mixer on both chanels, and on master too.

On U-Mix Control Pro it can be mapped with Shift+Gain (since it will not be used as often).

Sometimes it can be useful, and this function doesn't appear so often in DJ softwares.

Example of use: deck A is playing, balance in the middle, deck B is ready, balance fully to one side, fader down. Mix deck B to deck A with slowly pushing ub the volume on deck B, while turning the balance on deck A to the other side, so in the end the two tracks on master are on different sides, making a Unique feel of sound (I used this with my mixer one while mixing DnB).